Employment chronology: 3–6 years

Position's person specification:

  • Higher education (economic or financial).
  • Good command of Excel (data assets, Databases, summary spreadsheets).
  • Professional experience in the similar position – not less than 3 years.
  • Knowledge of budgeting, financial analysis, tax assessment.
  • Knowledge of business accounting and 1C would be an asset.
  • Hands-on experience in analysis of business processes, writing of controlling documents.
  • Ability to lay out its position in an argumentative manner, structured thinking, accurateness and attentiveness, high tolerance for stress, work in multitasking mode.

Employment duties:

  • Analysis of the Company's financial and operating activities.
  • Participation in business information management.
  • Elaboration of the types of reporting and their formation in an expeditious manner.
  • Maintenance of the Company's managerial business accounting.
  • Regulation of receivables and payables.
  • Monthly generation of report on the Company's actual expenditures, provision of "plan-fact" analysis with explanation of all deviations.
  • Formation of payment schedule.
  • Budgets generation.
  • Budget performance monitoring.
  • Analysis of the Company's items and expenditures constituent elements.
  • Calculation of efficiency with respect to the branches' financial activity.
  • Analysis of the contracts signed with the counterparties (subject matter of a contract, payment terms, contract price, and other terms and provisions).
  • Generation of the Company's operating budgets, projects budget.
  • Generation of enquiries in the electronic document management system.
  • Analysis of received requests for expenditures with approved budgets for the purposes of their acceptance within the limits of budgeted sums.

Job conditions:

Employment schedule: 5/2, 09:00 - 18:00.
Salary - as per intake meeting results.
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