Employment chronology: 3–6 years

Position's person specification:

  • Employment history in the similar position – at least 5 years.
  • Higher legal education.
  • Professional knowledge of Garant, Konsultant legal systems.
  • Experience in copyright is required!
  • Experience with public authorities.
  • Experience in claim-related work, representation of interests in courts of arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction.
  • Existence of positive court practice.
  • Steady knowledge of corporation law (minutes, resolutions, establishment/liquidation of companies, amendments to constituent documents, sale of participatory shares, rotation of members/Director General and etc.); copyright.
  • Experience in dealing with civil contracts (service agreements, contracts of work and labour, purchase contracts, contracts of agency, contracts of tenancy, aggregator contracts).
  • Readiness for heavy workload in multitasking mode.

Employment duties:

  • Contract law: formation, accommodation of all types of contracts with respect to statutory compliance; identification and assessment of the Company's possible risks.
  • Formulization and introduction of amendments to the constituent documents, registration of legal entities.
  • Formation and analysis of existing contracts, transactions support.
  • Legal backing of the Company's document control, expert review and analysis of documents.
  • Claim-related work.
  • Running of claims activities (compilation of complaints, responses to complaints, analysis of documentation and assessment of further risks).
  • Representation of interests in public authorities, law-enforcement agencies, administrative, tax authorities, including in particular during auditing procedures.
  • Representation of interests with respect to tax disputes in courts of arbitration, and in courts of general jurisdiction as well.
  • Arrangement for legal support in the field of employment legislation.

Job conditions:

Employment schedule: 5/2, 9:00 – 18:00.
Salary – 55 000 up to 90 000 rubles, as per intake meeting results.
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